June 17, 2017

Dressing the Bump | My Maternity Style

We're in the homestretch! Today I'm 37 weeks pregnant and in this post I'll be looking back at my maternity style and sharing what I found were my clothing essentials through the different stages of my pregnancy.

I worked up until I was 30 weeks pregnant. In my job, it was important to look polished and fashion conscience. Luckily my closet was already equipped with loose fitting dresses appropriate for work but that also accommodated my growing bump. I found that I didn't have to go out and buy maternity specific clothes until my last trimester. Once my bump started to get pretty big, I was no longer able to wear my regular dresses because my bump made the hemline come too short! At this point, I focused on wearing midi and maxi dresses.

Now that I'm on maternity leave and I can dress more casual and comfortable, I bought a pair of olive green capri pants and cotton blue shorts from Motherhood Canada. Both of these have been lifesavers! They have the built in belly panel that comes all the way up and over your bump. Since I'm due in July, the hot summer weather has been a nuisance, so it's been really nice to just wear a maternity t-shirt and shorts! After Kai is born, I know I'll probably continue to live in the maternity capris and shorts as it will be months until I can fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. 

What I've learned during this first pregnancy is that you don't need to go crazy and invest in an entirely new maternity wardrobe. I would invest money in regular loose dresses that you know you'll continue to wear post pregnancy. When it is time to get a pair of stretchy pants, buy 2-3 pairs that are super versatile and just wear them on high rotation. Like my olive green capris and blue shorts. I honestly couldn't care less about wearing practically the same outfit every day. Maternity clothes are pretty short lived, so why spend so much money on them? I bought all my maternity specific clothes from Motherhood Canada and The Gap. Motherhood has a wide range of clothing to carry you throughout your pregnancy and into nursing. Their prices are really great too, and I managed to catch them during a 30% off promotion both times I ordered. So I would keep an eye out for those, which they do fairly frequently. Originally I didn't think I needed maternity specific t-shirts but they really do make a difference. My regular t-shirts quickly became too short and unflattering. I bought 3 maternity T-shirts from The Gap and I love how stretchy they are. They're much longer and have ruching along the side seams so that it hugs the largest part of your bump nicely. I can see myself wearing these postpartum as well.

I would recommend investing in maternity/nursing bras as soon as you feel like your pre-pregnancy bras are fitting a little tight. They aren't kidding when they say you'll go up a couple cup sizes when you become pregnant! I should have bought new bras way earlier in my pregnancy than I did. When I finally did switch over to a larger cup size without underwire, it was like heaven! I can't believe I let myself suffer for so long in a bra that was too small with underwire!! So definitely don't skimp on a couple new bras, this will make your life drastically more comfortable. I bought my nursing bras off of Motherhood Canada as well. I really love how soft, yet supportive they are and that they have the clip down feature that allows for nursing. I can't comment on how effective it is yet, but maybe I'll do a breastfeeding update once Kai arrives. 

For my dress collection, I shopped at Anthropologie (they have a great sale section!), The Gap, Urban Outfitters and Plenty Clothing. I know I'll continue to wear these dresses postpartum, so I don't feel like I wasted money on clothing just for the 9 months I'm pregnant! Click the photos for links to where you can purchase them. All the dresses are unfortunately not available anymore because I either bought them before I was pregnant (over a year ago) or recently but they were on sale so therefore sold out now. But all of these retailers continue to sell similar styles so I'm sure you can find current options. 

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