April 05, 2017

Layered + Long | Baby Name Necklace

Working in a jewellery store I help many mums with buying personalised jewellery to represent their children. Whether that be a necklace with the child's initial, a zodiac sign, an engraved name necklace or birthstone pendant. I always loved this idea and thought it to be so sweet and sentimental!

Now that we know that our baby is a boy, and his name will be Kai, I wanted to treat myself to a dainty necklace to represent him. I love the idea of zodiac signs or birthstones but because he's due early July, I can't be certain exactly what sign or birthstone he will have. I had been searching online for a simple and minimalistic silver necklace that could be engraved and I couldn't find anything that was just right. Either it was too bold, too expensive or only in gold (seriously there a lot of companies out there that work solely in yellow gold!). I took to Etsy and found this perfect jeweller called Layered + Long. They have a huge variety of beautiful everyday jewellery that can be customised in all sorts of ways. You can choose the length, colour of metal (gold, silver or rose gold), the size and number of pendants, and even the font! I gravitated to the delicate bar style and chose to have it made with two pendants, one engraved with Kai and the other Shinji. I really like the look of them together and it's nice to represent my two boys! Although I do feel a little guilty not including Sam our cat - he's one of my boys too! But I think that's my crazy cat lady self coming out. 

I was so pleased that just as much care and attention was put into the packaging as was the necklace. It came with beautiful instructional cards, a polishing cloth and a hand written - thank you! It made for a beautiful presentation. I enjoy layering the necklace with my another favourite piece by Leah Alexandra. It's called the Sunny Necklace in silver and labradorite, and I think they pair really nicely together. Whether you're on the hunt for personalised jewellery or not, I really recommend Layered + Long. Their collection includes a wonderful array of pieces that (as the name suggests) all layer easily together for an effortless look. And the best part is, is that they're all made with high-quality materials made to last. Goldfill and sterling silver are used and they're at a really affordable price point for the quality of the items. My two engraved bar necklace was around $50 CAD. 

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