April 02, 2017

Kai's Nursery | Shibori Wallpaper by Milton & King

Ta-dah! The Shibori wallpaper installation was a success! Shinji took on the project like a pro and installed it seamlessly. We're both wallpaper newbies and let me tell you that it ain't a cake walk to apply wallpaper. First, we had to remove the floating shelves from the wall (you can see the before photo in this post). The previous owners had installed them and we didn't know what a mess they'd be to remove. The screws left large holes and the first layer of the dry wall peeled away when the shelves were pulled out. It's important to prep the wall properly so that the wallpaper has a smooth and clean surface to adhere to. So we patiently sanded down the wall, puttied the holes and then sanded them down again smooth after it dried. In order to have a uniform surface, Shinji painted over where the shelves had been with a white paint. After that was all said and done we were ready for the paper!

We took a weekend to complete the project so on day two we measured the wall and cut the paper to size. The Milton & King wallpaper was easy to place, pull up and place again because of its thick weight and a durable texture. This allowed us a few attempts to line up edges straight. The paste was easy to wipe off from mistakes with a damp sponge that also worked as a smoothing tool to remove any bubbles.

Creating a feature wall with wallpaper is a decorating investment so I think it's perfect for small spaces like our nursery, a powder room or entryway to add a fun statement. Milton & King is a luxury paper with a price to match but I think it was worth paying a little extra for a quality paper that will be durable for many years to come. Especially after all the hard work put in to installing it! I really think it has created a special and unique atmosphere to Kai's Nursery! I would say his Nursery is pretty much done now. I'm still needing to hang the art work above the dresser and we have a Keekaroo Peanut changing pad to be placed on top of the dresser to make it into a changing table. We also just bought the Nook Crib mattress, hence the plastic still covering it - but that will be removed shortly! Maybe we'll add a mobile above the crib if we find one that works with the space, but I'll update you with any additions! UPDATE - I did make a mobile and you can see how it was made by clicking here.

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