April 27, 2017

Baby Name Blocks | DIY Nursery Decor

Recently, I've come across so many adorable baby toys and nursery decor ideas while perusing Pinterest and Instagram. One of my favourites being the traditional wooden baby blocks. I love how classic and timeless they are and how you can spell out your baby's name to display in the nursery. There are so many companies and Etsy shops that sell gorgeous custom sets of these blocks but they can be upwards of $50! So instead I thought I'd DIY my own, which allowed me to really personalise them and save a lot of money too.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Acrylic Paint & Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • ModPodge (Optional)

I went to the Michaels Craft Store and picked up 3 of these 2.5-inch wooden blocks for $1.60 each. Talk about cost effective! I already had white acrylic paint, a brush and masking tape at home, so this whole project cost me less than $6 total to create. Of course, if you want to do the whole alphabet or are spelling out a longer name, it will cost more.

First I planned out the design and picked bold, graphic patterns that could represent water or the sea since that's the meaning behind his name. I also chose to have his name in English and Japanese. You can draw the designs on by hand or I've seen people use letter stencils or letter stickers that they paint over and then peel away to reveal the image. I used tracing paper for the letters and kanji to make sure they were consistent in size and style. I then transferred it to the block with graphite paper. For the waves and other patterns, I cut them out of washi tape (masking tape) so that I could repeat the patterns and just paint over the tape to create a clean design. I would tape all three blocks together when I was doing a pattern that I wanted to extend across all the blocks in order to keep them straight and aligned. I took inspiration from the simple colour palate of white and the natural wood found in these two block sets here and here (pictured below) and tried to recreate it myself.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. It was time-consuming but a fun project and it will make for a lovely keepsake. I'm thinking of sealing in the paint and wood with ModPodge to give it a nice final finish. Keep in mind that these blocks should be strictly for decor only while your baby is in the "putting everything in their mouth phase". Since I used acrylic paint, I don't want my baby to chew on these and possibly consume anything toxic! I'll wait until Kai is older before he can play around with them.

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