March 25, 2017

Ambleside Soap

Ambleside Soap is this lovely Vancouver company run by a mum and daughter duo Lynda and Laura. Lynda handmakes these luxury soaps with her personalised essential oil blends which create incredible aromas. She uses coconut and olive oils for a really soft lather that leaves your skin feeling every bit pampered! 

My top 3 favourites are the Lime Margarita Sea Salt bar, Cranberry Margarita Sea Salt Bar and the Blue Valentine Bar. Lime Margarita is a refreshing citrus scent perfect for a pick me up and smells good enough to drink! The Cranberry Margarita has the same uplifting citrus scent but with a hint of sweetness. Here in Vancouver, we've had a long drawn out winter so I think that's why I'm gravitating towards these summer scents! Lastly, the Blue Valentine Bar has a lovely delicate rose scent that's light and modern. Her soaps are gently scented so that they're wonderfully enjoyable without being too powerful. I really appreciate the light aromas because I find that soaps from Lush can be too pungent for my taste. Lynda uses pure and natural ingredients and there are no parabens and phthalates, which is so important to me, especially now that I'm pregnant.

Her soaps are all hand cut and have this gorgeous rough textured top that she dusts with white diamond mica shimmer that really makes them pop! They come beautifully packaged in little white organza bags, making them ideal for gifting. To use the soap, I use a knife to cut the bars into smaller hand size pieces for my bathroom sink. The soap creates a nice lather and the scent lingers after you've washed your hands too. The extra bars, I like to store in my dresser drawers so that I get a nice light burst of scent whenever I open them.

You can order your own off of the the Ambleside Soap Etsy shop. If you live in the Vancouver area like me you can choose their local Pick Up/Drop Off feature which saves you on shipping costs!

March 12, 2017

We're having a Boy! | Name Reveal

We're thrilled to announce that after our 20 week ultrasound, we found out that we've been blessed with a little boy! We had fun announcing our baby's gender with a giant balloon filled with blue confetti that we then popped in a video which you can see on my Instagram!

BabyYah now has a name - Kai Wood! We chose this name years ago while the idea of starting a family was still just a future dream. We were visiting a tiny island called Miyajima in Japan and while enjoying watching the sunset on a beach we started talking about baby names. We concluded that we both loved the name Kai. Since then we never considered any other name for a boy. It was just natural, we knew that it was the one. Kai means ocean in Japanese which carries a lot of meaning for us. We chose to honour my father by using his name as Kai's middle name. We love how strong and kind they sound when combined. It feels so much more real now that we can call our baby by his name! We can't wait to meet you Kai Wood!


March 09, 2017

BabyYah's Nursery | Update #1

Hey there! I wanted to check in and give a small update on BabyYah's Nursery. We've ticked off a few more things from the to-do list, such as the crib and dresser along with the beautiful Shibori wallpaper which I'm most excited about.

I'm so happy to see that the dresser and the crib fit fairly comfortably in the space as I had measured out in the planning stage. It's a small space but it remains airy despite the large furniture. We already have and love the 8 drawer Hemnes Ikea dresser in our bedroom so we knew we'd be happy with the smaller 3 drawer version in the Nursery. It's a great height for us and will double as the changing table really well. The Babyletto Hudson crib I had my eye on for while. I researched a lot of the cribs available out there and decided upon this one because it met all of our needs while remaining within our mid-level budget ($550 CAD).  The Babyletto Hudson design is contemporary, sturdy and it converts to a toddler bed with an included toddler rail attachment. I really appreciate how this isn't an additional feature to purchase like the other cribs out there. 

I spent hours looking through different wallpaper websites and debated between children focused or mature designs. I finally came across this Shibori Print from the Austrailian brand Milton & King, and I knew it was the one. First of all, I should explain for those that may not be familiar, that shibori is a traditional form of Japanese fabric dying - so it's an awesome way to represent Shinji's culture! Up close this wallpaper really reflects the texture and nuances of dyed fabric and the beautiful indigo colour fits our theme wonderfully. What I really like is that it will bring a fun graphic element to the single feature wall without looking babyish through the years. I'm looking forward to when I can show you the wallpaper up on the wall, but we'll probably hold out a little longer until it stops snowing in Vancouver. We want to be able to open up the doors and windows to ventilate the place when we paste the paper up, so maybe in April, we'll be able to install it. The shelves will be coming down to make way for the wallpaper and we'll be eventually hanging the ocean vignette photograph above the dresser. 
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