February 11, 2017

Baby Shoes | Minimoc

Look what came in the mail today! Minimoc is a local Canadian company of adorable handmade leather baby shoes. I follow Minimoc on Instagram and they recently had a warehouse sale online, and I couldn't resist checking out the selection!

I was trying to stay focused and only consider gender neutral colours, but as you can see I didn't really stick to that plan... The sunshine yellow pair is called Lion and I think they'll be a fun pop of colour for either a boy or a girl. The second pair is called Sunset and it's a pretty coral pink with rose gold fringe. Shinji just shook his head when he saw the colour and gave me a good hearted mocking of my "gender neutral choices" haha! Ok, ok so pink and rose gold might not be appropriate if we find out we're having a boy, but I know BabyYah will rock them anyway! BabyYah is a summer baby, after all, so we'll go with the flow and call it tropical fashion!
I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant today and you can really start to see my growing baby bump in this shot! I've finally hit the stage where my jeans are just a tad bit too snug and they're no longer comfortable. I've resorted to unbuttoning my jeans and looping a hair elastic through the button hole and attaching it to the button. This way I can securely wear them unbuttoned with a long shirt over top.  The loose dresses in my work wardrobe have been perfect but they're not always ideal for the winter weather we're currently experiencing in Vancouver and I prefer to be more casual on my days off. So it's time to look into maternity jeans! I've heard great things about Topshop's maternity section. I'm checking it out tomorrow, and if I'm successful, I'll do a maternity clothing haul. 
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