January 28, 2016

Watercolour Vignettes | Calming the Mind

Recently my anxiety levels have increased so earlier this month I was looking for different solutions to help relax and decompress. I've continued the hobby of watercolour painting and its proven to be a wonderful calming pastime.

I like to steep a cup of tea and turn on our tv to a YouTube soundtrack. One of my favourites is one Shinji found for me which is 3 hours of cafe jazz music that is laced with soft rain, typing and subtle gusts of wind every once and a while. It really creates comforting background noise as if you're sitting in a really peaceful neighborhood Cafe.

As for my paintings, I've moved on from the alphabet illustrations and I now have adapted this circle vignette concept of primarily landscape themes that are in muted grey tones. I love to use Icelandic photography as inspiration and Kyoto was featured once as well. 

Painting has given me something to look forward to when I come home from work. Something I can call my own and have full control over. It's a happy place for me. I've since found other ways to ease my anxiety as well which I think I'll share in a future post!


January 07, 2016

Lady Grey | Mackage Cody Crossbody Bag

I'm typically a very practical person when it comes to handbags, therefore I've never really batted an eye at luxury brands. Up until recently I've carried a Fjallraven backpack around with me daily but then I saw this grey beauty and that all changed. 

Well first let's start with the gorgeous Salvatore Ferragamo turquoise wallet my husband surprised me with on my birthday! My last wallet he also gifted me for my birthday 5 years prior and it was beginning to look a bit tired. So I was thrilled to open up this gem! I adore the pop of colour and everytime I reach for it, it puts a smile on my face. This wallet is a luxury so I know it will be something that I will carry for many years to come!

During Boxing Day I came across this Mackage Cody crossbody bag at 25% off. What made me decide to invest in it is because it's a great quality leather bag at a fairly reasonable price point, it's in such a unique colour (I'm all about grey right now) and the hardware is an arrow! 

My married name is Japanese and means archery, so ever since I took the name I've been really drawn to everything that features arrows. The soft stone grey pebbled leather is a great neutral and versatile colour, especially because I've been really into wearing winter white this season. Black leather can be too harsh for me and brown leather just wasn't inspiring me either. 


January 05, 2016

New Year Resolution | Watercolour Illustration

The month of January is always filled with everyone's New Years resolutions and one of mine is to dust off the old watercolour set and make the effort to put it to good use this year. 

To ease myself back into it, I've created this project of illustrating the alphabet with these characters I fondly call tea tots. They've always been something I've doodled over the years so I thought it would be cute to make them into a series of 26 miniature illustrations. 

So far I have an Astornaut, a Baker, a Carpentor and a Doctor. The other two on the page were warm ups before I got the idea to do the alphabet. Not sure how I'll do the letter X or Y? Maybe an X-ray technician, an Xelaphonist or a Yak Wrangler? If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments! 


January 02, 2016

A dose of Vitamin Sea

Happy New Year! Shinji and I started off 2016 with a fresh sea air hike along Vancouver's coast. 

It was negative 2 degrees and there was a thick blanket of fog but brilliant blue sky and sunshine would peek through every so often. 

After such a busy Christmas season it was really nice to decompress and recharge in such a quiet and peaceful place.

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