November 30, 2015

Wildflower | Drew Barrymore

I've always enjoyed the quirky and irresistible quality of Drew Barrymore and  how despite the ultra fame put on her at a young age and her unconventional upbringing she has always maintained a strong sense of self. 

Each chapter she shares different stories throughout her life that had an impact on who she's become. It was a nice balance between light comical accounts and deeper, somber tones. 

For someone who has had such a unique life, she still remains so relatable. What's not to like about Drew? She's so warm and fun and someone you'd want to be best friends with. I really enjoyed savouring a chapter or two a night from her book. Not to mention the cover art is just sooo good! It's been so nice having it on display on my night stand this past month. 


November 14, 2015

Rust Boutique | Tokyo Japan

Last month I was traveling Japan and while in Tokyo I made sure to visit Rust, a beautiful jewellery boutique by a husband and wife team from England. 

The husband Nao is Japanese and his wife is British which originally drew me in because I could relate and really enjoyed seeing a similar couple as to my own relationship. I've avidly followed the company online for years now especially the wife, Artemis's beautiful blog called Junkaholique that documents her lovely family and all the artistic projects she creates. They have a beautiful daughter and are expecting a second child soon! 

Their first bricks and mortar store was their Tokyo location (second one being in England). It was such a quaint and beautifully curated shop. I spent a long time looking at every peice and finally decided upon this silver oak leaf ring. I love the timeless woodland theme of it. The shop attendant packaged it up so beautifully in a box wrapped in twine and sealed with a golden wax "R"! Everything from the merchandising down to the gold embossed logo on the bag was perfectly branded. It being autumn when we were in Japan, the oak leaf will be a wonderful memento of our trip!

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