August 17, 2015

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up | Marie Kondo

As newly weds living in a new apartment together, we are still in the process of making it feel like home. At first that was slowly investing in necessary furniture, like a dresser and sofa etc. Our home was transforming into our perfect cozy environment but there was still something missing, or I should say wasn't missing. That something was clutter! I came across this book on the A Beautiful Mess blog and became immediately intrigued at the author's fresh perspective on keeping a tidy house.

I've made many attempts throughout my life to organize my space, in order to fully enjoy it by having a tranquil environment to come home to. I always relapsed into stacking papers on my desk, saving knick knacks in drawers, and pushing unwanted clothing further into the back of my closet, until my space was just as busy and unpleasant as it began. It wasn't until I read Marie Kondo's method that it finally clicked for me. I couldn't put the book down, and as soon as I had finished, I devoted my entire weekend to her de-cluttering method. I think why it worked for me so well, is because she strongly believes that you clean once and for it to be in a bold and dramatic way, so that it reboots your bad habits into a healthy ones.

Our one bedroom apartment was fairly quick to get through, it just took dedication and discipline to stick to her rules. I really believe that you will succeed as long as you sincerely read her book with a passion to change your lifestyle. Luckily my husband was entirely on board with this new way of living, and was willing to listen to me point out tips that I had learned from the book. 

I really think her book creates a domino effect in your life. By creating your ideal living space in which makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, will benefit you in so many ways. I've noticed that I have a happier relationship with my husband and I've been able to budget money in a new way.  I use to "shop" for the thrill of it, which created excess things within our home and wasted money. Now when I'm in a shop, I consciously think about the item's purpose, whether it's an absolute 10/10 favourite piece and if it was to be purchased, does it have an immediate spot I can think of storing it. Marie talks about how once you've paired down your house to your necessities and favourite things that you must find homes for each piece within your space. This way when you use something it goes right back to it's spot, allowing for a tidy home. It really plays on the idea of quality over quantity. Surround yourself with a small concentrated amount of things that have purpose and that spark joy. 

I could write on and on about this book because there are so many fascinating ideas within it, but you should really look into it yourself. It has been a great eye opener in exploring the concept of minimalism and how I can make a minimalist lifestyle work for us. The book also lead me to the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe. I'm still developing my own version of a Capsule Wardrobe and I really hope to post about it in the near future.

Good luck on your tiding journey, and please let me know what you think of her book if you've read it!

August 05, 2015

Weekend Island Trip + OOTD

I took a day trip with Shinji to my hometown of Bowen Island for BC Day to soak up the sun and enjoy all the natural beauty the island provides!

Just the ferry ride alone (which used to be a nuisance when I lived there) was so enjoyable. The salty air and sunshine was perfect. Once in Snug Cove we had lunch at Shika, a japanese cafe. Later we strolled along the beach and then up to a wonderful chocolatier and then back down for some green tea ice cream.

Having lived in the city for 5 years I forgot how quiet and serene the island is. I kept noticing the lack of traffic noise which was replaced instead with the sound of the breeze rustling in the trees and birds chirping. Shinji and I left the island feeling relaxed and re-energized.

For my island adventure outfit, I wore a midi dress, that was light and breezy for such a hot day but was the perfect length for the windy boat trip across to Bowen. I layered on my Pyrrha necklaces and paired a thick silver Chan Luu cuff with lace detailing with my Workhorse arrow bracelet and Adina Reyter ring. Silver has been caputuring my attention recently, and it's making me look forward to autumn!
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