March 09, 2015

Cat Teepee Bed - DIY

All across pinterest and etsy I've been seeing these adorable cat teepees! At first I was tempted to purchase one (they're pretty pricey, starting at $50) but then I thought it would be a fun project to try to make with Shinji.

When I was photographing the teepee I set it atop our coffee table for a better shot and Sam jump inside right on cue. I guess that shows how attached he is to his cat teepee!

There are plenty of really great DIY's you can find online that will teach you how to make your own, so I won't try to explain it in too much detail here. But basically you need 5 pieces of wood doweling. We got ours from Home Depot and they even cut them down to size for us since we didn't own a saw at home. We secured the tops of the doweling with an elastic band and then wrapped twine around it to make it look more authentic haha! 
We bought 1.5 meters of fabric and cut it into a semicircle. We then folded the semi circle into a "triangle pie shape" and cut the point off, this allows space for the doweling to poke out. 
Lastly we draped the fabric around and secured it with a safety pin and voila! The supplies cost under $10 to make it and once you have all the items it takes less than an hour to set up. 
We folded up this fleece hudson bay blanket for inside and Sam loves it! You can fold the "doors" open or leave them shut so your cat can just peer out! It was so much fun to make and would make such a cute gift for a fellow cat owner!

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