March 31, 2015

Painting Our Kitchen Table White - DIY

We love the size and design of our kitchen table but the light yellow wood finish just clashed with our beautiful red wood floors! So I took on the challenge of refinishing it in white and we love how it turned out!

I brought it out to our deck and gave it a thorough sanding to remove the glossy seal on the wood. I dusted it off and gave the table a good wipe down with a damp rag to remove any remaining saw dust. The next day I bought a quart of Oxford White paint (same as our walls) and painted it with 3 coats of paint. I am so thrilled with how well it works in our kitchen now! It gives the illusion of a larger and brighter room.

It was a pretty laborious project (at least for me) but so worth it! This makeover cost only $30 and looks just as good as the couple hundred dollar tables we'd been looking at previously to replace it with. It's really satisfying seeing the hard work pay off in the end!

P.S. I don't leave my table set up like this if we're not eating, I just thought it made for a good photo ;)

I thought I'd sneak in this shot of our kitchen. I just think this letter Y is so cute. It was hand painted on canvas with an ocean landscape. I found it in the Anthropologie Sale section majorly marked down for $12. Only the odd letters were left. Lucky us for having uncommon initials!


March 19, 2015

Canadian Coastal Bedroom Update

Shinji and I were well over due for buying a dresser. And now that we have one, the last two mornings picking out what to wear has been such a breeze with everything so well organized! Our bedroom is well on it's way to being the cozy and comfy place we dream of.

We picked up the Hemnes Ikea dresser and let me tell you it was a lot more complicated and time consuming to put together than we had anticipated. We're so happy with how it turned out though.

I originally had my jewellery collection displayed across the top but it was much too busy and cluttered. So I paired it down to the basics along with my perfume and put the rest into its own dedicated drawer! I'm thinking of doing a post on how I organize it all, so that should be coming next.

We really enjoy all the white in our bedroom, it's really relaxing. It also allows the focus to be on the art we hung. The two prints are from our wedding day at the pier.

March 14, 2015

Sunset Silhouettes

I caught Sam looking out our bedroom window and the sunset was reflecting off the glass of the apartment across from us and created this gorgeous golden glow! 

We have these sheer white curtains in our bedroom that have a branch pattern that let the light in while maintaining privacy. We have a blackout blind that we can pull down too.


March 09, 2015

Cat Teepee Bed - DIY

All across pinterest and etsy I've been seeing these adorable cat teepees! At first I was tempted to purchase one (they're pretty pricey, starting at $50) but then I thought it would be a fun project to try to make with Shinji.

When I was photographing the teepee I set it atop our coffee table for a better shot and Sam jump inside right on cue. I guess that shows how attached he is to his cat teepee!

There are plenty of really great DIY's you can find online that will teach you how to make your own, so I won't try to explain it in too much detail here. But basically you need 5 pieces of wood doweling. We got ours from Home Depot and they even cut them down to size for us since we didn't own a saw at home. We secured the tops of the doweling with an elastic band and then wrapped twine around it to make it look more authentic haha! 
We bought 1.5 meters of fabric and cut it into a semicircle. We then folded the semi circle into a "triangle pie shape" and cut the point off, this allows space for the doweling to poke out. 
Lastly we draped the fabric around and secured it with a safety pin and voila! The supplies cost under $10 to make it and once you have all the items it takes less than an hour to set up. 
We folded up this fleece hudson bay blanket for inside and Sam loves it! You can fold the "doors" open or leave them shut so your cat can just peer out! It was so much fun to make and would make such a cute gift for a fellow cat owner!


March 06, 2015

Coastal Canadian Home Decor - Living Room

Shinji and I moved in to our apartment back in the summer and it's been so much fun slowly making it our home as we add new furniture. We both appreciate minimalistic decor that is also cozy and comfortable.  

We are really happy with how our living room has come together. We were striving for a Coastal Canadian vibe. 

The main taupe couch is from West Elm. It's a great balance between modern and traditional design while maintaining comfort. 

Our side tables were a great find. We got the pair for $200 from Winners! They have a beautiful cylinder base that has a bit of a Moroccan vibe with the metal work pattern. I just adore the top of them becasue it is tiled with pale iridescent mother of pearl shells!

Marble is really trendy in interior design at the moment but I think it's safe to invest in a long term piece of marble furniture because it will always remain a classic. We bought our marble topped coffee table from CB2. We originally were looking for a rectangle one but when we saw this one it made sense for our small space. It's easy to walk around and you don't have to worry about hitting your shin on a corner! 

Now for my favourite item... the knitted pouf!! It's so much fun and at first seems like a waste of money (their expensive but we got ours on sale at Urban Barn) but ever since we got it, it has been really practical! It's a great little stool for extra seating and perfect as a foot rest because it's light and easily moved around!

Lastly, our shag carpet is a really wild element but I think it adds a lot of warmth and texture to our living room.  

Our living room is practically finished now, aside from needing a tv and console table on the opposing wall. But that's not high on our priority list, so it will have to wait until next year. For now we are slowly working on our bedroom!


March 03, 2015

Wind Down with Peppermint Tea

Tea is such a relaxing and cozy experience. My favourite are black teas but recently I've been giving peppermint a go since my friend who works at DavidsTea gave me some of the Peppermint Amour and I've been hooked ever since!

I've read that peppermint aids in digestion so it's great to drink after dinner. Since it's also caffeine free it's perfect to help wind you down from a long day and allow you to relax. Like the package says it's supposably enhances dreams and creativity, which sounds good to me! Lastly, the flavour is warm and refreshing and you don't need to add any sugar either!

Here's Sam making an appearance once again! He stuck his face into the shot all by himself. I think he thought it was a treat for him since his cat nip comes from a similar bag haha!

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