February 11, 2015

Olivia Burton Watch Review

I've been admiring the minimalistic watch trend popping up everywhere and finally had to dive in and pick myself up one too!

I never got into the chunky Michael Kors watches that having been in style for the last few years so I just opted to not wear a watch at all. Then my coworker started sporting a Daniel Wellington big dial watch in silver with a black leather strap and I thought, that's it! I just adore the vintage and classic look of their watches. So I went online and did some research and came across an alternative to Daniel Wellington which is also a british watch company called Olivia Burton. Their prices were a smidgen more reasonable so I justified the purchase. Olivia Burton has a great selection and offers playful designs as well such as animal and floral motifs. 

When scrolling through the Olivia Burton site I found this beauty and new it was the one! It's called The Dandy and features a midi dial which means the face of the watch is smaller in diameter compared to the big dial ones made popular by Daniel Wellington. The trend is to have the dial oversized but for me the watch is an investment and I didn't want it to be too trendy, so I decided to go the more conservative route. 

The best part of course is that the slender leather strap is navy! Navy just looks so much better on my fair skin than black, so I was surprised and thrilled that they offered it in navy. Originally I was hoping to find it with silver hardware but had no luck and ordered it in the rose gold. I was pleasantly surprised though when it arrived and the muted rose gold looked really flattering on.

If you're considering investing in a Daniel Wellington watch I would recommend checking out Olivia Burton too. Both companies have beautiful watches. I'm looking forward to playing around pairing different bracelets with my new watch! I'm sure it will make many more appearances in future posts!
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