January 31, 2015

Jo Malone Cologne Trio - Red Roses, Peony Blush Suede, Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Perfume is very symbolic to me because scent is so strongly connected to memory. I can walk into The Body Shop and smell a vanilla body spray and instantly I am reminded of my grade 8 self having sleep overs with friends and walking to the convenience store to pick up those caramel green apple lollipops that were so popular back then. 

Perfumes are like bookmarks within your life. Once I hit my 20's my perfume choice went away from the ultra sweet vanilla scents of my teens and has now firmly landed in the floral category. I was always drawn to the Jo Malone line because it was what my parents wore so it was always in the house.

The packaging is beautiful with a simple and timeless design, it really embodies what their range of colognes are about. It's not split up into Men's or Women's, which I think is very clever. Perfume is transformed by the person wearing it so I don't think there should be limitations on who can wear what. For example my dad wears their Grapefruit cologne which may at first seem like an odd choice but on him it comes across masculine, fresh and clean. The simplicity of their line also allows you to layer different combinations, creating your own bespoke scent.

Red Roses was the first scent of theirs I ever wore. It smells exactly like a bouquet of roses. It's a warm and velvety scent that isn't complicated with other elements. I wore it for the first few years of dating my now husband. It reminds me of those first shy getting to know one another days together. It's such a classic english countryside fragrance that I know I will return to in a few years.

Peony & Blush Suede was given to me by Shinji for our 3rd anniversary of dating. It's a wonderful balance of fresh sweet florals and a subtle deep suede finish. It's a very feminine scent that makes me feel like I'm sitting outside at a Parisian cafe in Spring, tasting macarons and sipping tea when ever I wear it!

Wood Sage & Sea Salt feels like it was made just for me. It's a Limited Edition scent that was released this past September. At the time I was looking for a fragrance I could wear for our Wedding Day because I knew it would have a wonderful tie to memories of the Day when I wore it the future. Our Wedding was set by the ocean and was inspired by many canadian coastal themes like the deep blues in mussel shells. The Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume was just the perfect fit. It's a deeper scent that's fresh but not sweet - like the clear crisp air by the coast. I loved how the perfume is inspired by the English seaside because that was exactly the atmosphere we wanted to create for our Wedding Day. I still wear it everyday and I sometimes pair it with a spritz of the Peony & Blush Suede cologne to sweeten and warm it up.  
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